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About us

Blue Piranha Productions Inc. is a Music Production Company that is known as "THE GENRE BUSTER" I Adonis Sr. (C.E.O. of Blue Piranha Productions Inc,) use to be an Writer/Mc for 15 years and since then have switched to the other side of the booth for several years now. I have the UNIQUE ear of a recording artist who writes as well as a producer armed with eccentric melodies and full warm knocking drums (if needed). Me and my team focus our energy on expanding the boundaries of how music is created and heard. 

We want to evolve the way music is presented and felt so we go beyond the normal barriers and create outstanding productions that can be enjoyed for future generations. We use an array of equipment to generate the perfect feeling and sound for our client, if we don't have what is needed, we will purchase it ourselves just to get that "right sound". 

This is my Full-Time Part-Time Side-Job and HUSTLE. We are DEDICATED MUSICIANS and only wish to work with those alike. We have affordable prices for any budget. Get in touch either via email, social media outlet or telephone. Peace and Love to all and I wish you ALL the best with your careers. CHEERS!!!! MUSIC RULES!!!!!!!